Title: Fine Art

Fine Art diary

Beginning my second year’s Fine Art, is nervous due to 2019’s pandemic but I must studying hard to had no stress/fear when building my confidence of adjusting to new challenges and to follow the rules of social distance bonded by UK government.

After my reunion with friends, I need to prep up my new studio on floor 8 via arts tower to know year 2 assignments based in sculpture and meet up with tutors Andy Price, Jamie Scott and Gino Attwood.   

Here is my chosen item within “Making A Thing” project:

Shoes and Telephone models:

Throughout my sculptural journey, I have created these remarkable models from my favorite resources in plastic foam followed by mixing abstract paints of cartoon patterns and outlined all edges of my designs as if they are expressing humorist emotions used in arts.

Image result for coco

Day of the Dead:

Image result for simpsons arts


This is my evidence of Mexican culture, because it helped me to organize my favorite theme in Day of the Dead used for colour decorating and of examine on spiritual/spooky development mainly with skeleton arts to reflect with my foam shoes. Followed with my another theme of Simpsons to craft my next models of telephones, which allows me to manipulate each of the characters theme throughout their TV series for my unique patterns only on their humorist personally and to prep up my finished models at floor 8’s exhibition.

Continuing on my studies are to review on my lecture brief on Greenberg’s critic facts during Post-war Modernism, is to describe on which artist did their artworks of criticism settled in 1960s and to show who had been championed by Greenberg of what it could meant on representation in painting after World war 2.

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Jackson Pollock:

Blue Poles (1952):

In my critical search of finding my selected artist I’ve found Jackson Pollock, who had used his talent on American arts also of being a major figure into abstract expressionism.

Pollock’s methods in physical development:

  • Used of experimenting on pouring or splashing liquid
  • Enabling to view and paint canvasses from various angles
  • Known to the people as ” Jack the Dripper”
  • Formed in colour-wrestling
  • All-Over painting also called “Action Painting”

Greek Hybrids:

After completing my Post-war Modernism essay, I would start to sketch my recent themes of hybrid arts which I once did in North-Warwickshire’s Duality Exam to describe on which new animal/monster blueprints needed to experiment with their differences from the normal beings and to reflect onto my talents of using humanoid abstraction.

Year 2: Sculpture

Sculpture 2020/21

Arriving at Vijay Patel-Arts tower to begin year 2 studies in sculpture, I would prep up my new studio on floor 8 whilst been given a brief to organize on my selected object in 20th-21st centuries and to describe my means of being an sculptor and how its taken a place in the world.

Project in Sculpture: “Making a Thing”

Items list in Thing project:

Ready-made objects:

  • Shoes or Trainers
  • My DMU bag
  • Fruit Bowl

Environmental objects:

  • Tombstones at church
  • Flower pots
  • Old benches   

It can be difficult but I’ve decided to choose my beloved shoe as my primary item, because I wear them into the outside world and to organize them at home to sketch my blueprints.

Primary object: shoes

Investigating onto my shoes is the first step, is how to build my early works while I was sketching up my creative ways of colour decorating and to help organize which methods to experiment with.


Sorting my foam materials to build my prototypes, is trimming off rough areas to make both of my design look nicely crafted and manipulate with mod-roc to show a skeleton appearance seemed pale but I can adapt to its cultural theme.

Next is using fabric arts to experiment with coloured tissues onto my festival shoe, which orange petals are telling me a reflected theme in Disney’s Coco and to combine both old-fashioned/humorist effect.

Prototype shoe:

Festival shoe:

After my prototypes I can organize my large set of reused-foam to mark, sand-off and positioned my toothpicks to put all of my pieces together in a whole stronger model without breaking.


Once I’d used mod-roc, I can start painting my cartoon patterns all around my design like decorating its pale texture into wonderful festive feeling of laughter and blended with spooky arts like live-action movements.

Mexican Trainers:

Second project: “Making A Space”

Reading my next brief to examining an empty space, because by calling out sound-waves/echoes when answering someone from the horizon and I can use it to my advantage of experimenting on telephones.

These are my new diagrams of building my early prototype, to help me prep up my final model with most of Simpsons pattern arts whilst I’m painting them.




Once my telephone models are completed, I must mount them on the studio’s wall for open space like my shoe models within the exhibition and to describe on their clashes of different cultures alongside my experimentation of 3D abstract colouring.

Since my completion of festive shoes/telephone designs, I took a different approach in foam manipulation were my early theme of hybrids because some of the animals are currently in the present and others in folklore-tales to my reaction of their origins in mythology arts. Which I had worked on their diagrams over term 2’s January and February via pencil-drawing, to help with my continuation in Sculpture is to absorb my humanoid/monster textures to experiment unused items as foam materials, to act as my models main bodies all in six designs in many doodle patterns to reflect from my blueprint drawings to build at large scale as if being amazed and frightened from monster-verse themes.

Artist Talk Interviews

Lala Meredith Vula

Listening on Lala Meredith’s career as a professor of arts/photography, where she’d showcase her forms of artworks used for such potential into sketches when viewing at Lough-borough University.

Lala’s exhibition: “Drawing Together”

Taking a tour with the gallery’s creator-Philip Lindley, who had shown me most of the drawing arts from artists whom to had reflected in Lala’s influence with very curious themes of scientific methods used in abstraction.

I was always fond of doing practical drawings, to be more adaptable of what I could plan on my creation of a design from blueprints and how often to practice with my sketches in my sketchbooks or individual pages as diagrams.

Small screen:

Notebook of Spiritual Mouse:

Shaw’s giant inflatables:

Throughout my visual tour I took my notice of several drawings, that were produce by artists to connect to my primary strengths of sketching with Richard Deacon’s work on multiple line drawings, which was originally been created in sculptural manipulation and reflect with his bending models.

Image result for richard deacon


Here is one of Deacon’s models of Aesthetics’s bending structure, I once sketch this piece into my sketchbook at my previous college in North-Warwickshire, Hinckley because I am fond of being adapted to bending with certain resources that are easy for my term 1 diagrams of cartoon models.

My decision of evaluating Deacon’s development in bending models, is how I was fascinated with unexpected ways in experimenting with abstraction, particularly it could be a reflection to my last years work in foam-gears to manufacture them my all seeing industrial eye model to impact with its theme.

Black/White shapes:

Antripose Lighthouse:

Scottish Promise:

followed by these next drawings during Philip’s tour-guide, are some of their shaded textures which might be spooky but they show me to criticise my strengths of practical colours. To review “The Promises” portrait that tells me about the Scottish couple used in Neo-Expressionism, because it could help me to adjust on my shaded details when I’ve been doing my blueprints of model-making or humanoid movement.

Grapes drawing:

Ruin Building with Swans:

Going through Lala’s last bit of the exhibition, is evaluating with her shaded drawings that are telling me of what she saw in reality, to transfer evidence of life photography into drawings and how to adjust on Lala’s work of deep textures. Followed by Deacon’s recording about his original plans on bending resources, when I am directing my ideas to something new and inspired by their methods into my own drawing inspiration.