3302 Artist Talk 2

3302 Artist-Talk of Honey Williams

Viewing on Honey-Williams lecture for my second artist talk she’d been studying about her journey into black arts, which are mainly used in multi-dimensional methods that sparks her personalities since originally born in Africa. Focused on her primary goal at tech college in Nottingham to achieve visual arts. But things took a struggle/dark reality when Honey was bullied by some of her peers/outside people because of racism, like some regions don’t take kindly to international people as a result this troubles her progress but continued her artworks in her own way and maintains cool under these hardship times.

Before long Honey had took an opportunity to take part in politics 2004, only to share her expression with her people would press on our journey through such struggling. When they start with childhood inspirations of their artworks showing off each style, differences, how we treat one another and to be creative some black people are changing hair colour thought it might affect Jamaica-arts used to be the very source in ink & Acrylic development.

  • Worked on music albums within early 2000s given Honey to experiment with sound vibrations by all kinds of artists/musicians
  • Been to see “The-Pickheads” better known as contemporary hair development
  • Joined a band of Brazilian friends called C.O.A Choir
  • Her diary keeps her records of various textures of illustration arts of what makes her unique/special from her peers at college
  • Said to had been practical with mix-media colours blended by stain liquids of paints
  • Meant to be effective in African graphic-arts

Viewing on her research blogs to help black people including woman to achieve their popularity describing them of decoloring aesthetic beauty from centering their expression amongst each other’s society preferred to have examined Afrotherapy influences.

  • Digging-Deep tells about honoring their role of black coal referred to having religious ways of extending such scales of mixed characteristic coloured-liquids
  • Leftian-Magazine poliet were to explain on black peoples society to the world of arts said to being each race of humans together avoiding any aggression of racism
  • Muralist-Residency asks about mix techniques used in Honey’s “Paint-up yah space at Studio 174 exhibition. Kingston/Jamaica-British Council
  • Additional blogs like Snakey-Friends had inflicted with racism causes harm via mixed faces as a difference of awareness of hatred-individuals/groups
  • Exhibiting role banned from Britain as if holding a long year decolonsation-programme
  • Inspired a local hero called Mural of Eric Irons OBE originated in graffiti-arts via Nottingham/Beeston canal at castle Wharf’s wall
  • Used her wonderful methods to manipulate coloured-liquids of latest works of Black-Today 2021 City Arts Residency