3301 Crits

3301 Crit Feedback

In my developments of expanding my cultural-animals to large scale, to begin my Blazing-Solgaleo model which has DNA sample of a lion infused by elemental fires and had roam it’s desert-region/pridelands to hunt prey and if challenged by any rival it would fight to be crowned ultimate-monster. Followed by my Gillaboom with an appearance of a Gorilla that inhabits blushing rainforest/plant-life, known by its gentle-personally to move swift through trees in ancient-times and if provoked/threaten it would stand ground against any predatorial creatures including rivalry.

When two models are finished/varnished I had help with a maximum of four-people, to lift them to floor 9 before Crit to position them in front of one another as if they are face to face like ancient-rivals. Audience had told about how they should fit in their own environments like they were be traveling/guarding their territory reflecting childhood reactions in Pokémon and reviewing on each behavior of my replicas for friendly or aggressive nature.

  • Carefully positioned my Lion and gorilla replicas face to face in floor 9’s Crit
  • Making sure they don’t get crowded by tight corners
  • Staring one another like ancient rivals fought for supremacy over their territories

Since completing term 1 I’ve been organizing on my models daylight counterpart of Nocturnal theme like doing an nighttime atmosphere, that has given me motivation of crafting new hybrids some of them on ground-level and most are airborne with strong wiring attached via loop hooks. Moving my Ravknight. Snocidueye and Wereroc to their chosen positions to avoid them colliding with any hanged models, then one at a time I’d set my native plant-life props turning my space into a related rainforest-jungle or American forests.

Also my most intense challenge is for again up to four people to carry my Batnala, when arriving we had to use full of our muscles to extend its height to the ceiling-hooks with added equipment aid of ladders with strong chains next time I’ll search for blackened wires/rope loops for appropriate hanging. My new project Nocturnal-Beasts told of an ancient story of a legendary bat that roam every night when a moon is full to drive-away evil spirits whom to prey upon weak animals like if I’m doing a storytelling like installation theme with added sound atmosphere for my model to talk/communicate and hunt these spooky grounds at night of what my figures would react with my audience by their presence.