3302 Contextual

3302 Contextual-Studies 2

Continuing my contextual-research with another set of practitioners, studying onto “Becoming-Animal” like we are in their presence of what we feel so different as we are unique or dangerous.

Researching on Jane-Alexander, one of the most important artists in contemporary-arts enables her critical-facts into South-Africa’s reputation and spread within international-recognitions. Shares on how her artwork can express our reactions if we face our deepest-fears of mutilated forms and used to absorb her influence in my methods of dark-hybrids

  • Born in Johannesburg/South-Africa
  • Expert on mutilated/exposed skin textures
  • Key-Elements of Alexander’s genre-horror
  • Created figures in plaster then cast in fiberglass before completed in oil-paint
  • Her techniques figurative-sculptural, installation, tableaux and photomontages
  • Responded in both political and social environment
  • Prized models of Butcher Boy’s 1985-6
  • Primary theories of Xenohabilzoophobia

Jane Alexander, Bom Boys (detail), 1998, fiberglas sculptures, found  clothing and fiberboard squares, dimens… | South african art, South african  artists, Art theory
Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope) – The Georgia Review
Gr 12 T2 W3 Visual Arts | WCED ePortal

From Alexander’s key elements in her art-genre of horror when she is a current student at University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, when involves in shaping within exposed/mutation textures like viewing on her masterpiece called Butcher Boys been exhibited into South African National Gallery’s collection 1985-6.

  • Her three-models sitting on a bench referred as “Watchmen”
  • Mixed development of mutilated artworks of Bom-Boys 1998 to exploring vulnerability of children’s deep-fears
  • Drives them to wear animal-masks like hoods as our dark-reflections
  • Personalities of mixing with deformed-tissues

Reading David-Altmejd’s research of studying onto various resources of heady mix of magic/science:

  • Meant to build up conditions of mixed bodies of twisted states of inside-out appearance particularity head-pieces
  • Examining on Sci-Fi/Gothic-Romanticism
  • Meant into post-apocalyptic theories
  • Reflection of horrific-effects of skin-transfiguration
  • Focusing onto crude-expressionism piecing together fur/mass-produce
  • Several-limbs of inhuman DNA and infused with animal-textures
Portfolio of Kordansky David
David Altmejd | David altmejd, 3d art sculpture, Art
David Altmejd at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center - artnet Magazine

  • These criticise his primary-source of twisted appearances, even being aware of people’s reactions on mutated-development
  • Built on related evidence of Labyrinthine/Plexiglas mentioned as mirror-elements
  • Multiple-stages of evolution to affect on plaster heads are rare methods of orthogonal theories or illusion-arts

Elvira-Carrasco’s work is focused on dazzling-paintings covering her models in doodle-arts, because I did the same method on my “Elemental-Beasts” in term 1:

  • Captures her own image to be self-knowledge within representation of her needs of colour-schemes
  • Critical-leads into contemporary-arts, “FACES-PROJECT”/”Body-Art
  • Mostly a source of light-colours, psyche, human-soul, shocking/saturated and explosive
  • Cultural-expressions of digging up Mediterranean-roots
  • Best known for multi-layer effects in liquid-patterning
  • Perfect symbiosis between realism/abstraction

Elvira Carrasco : contemporary Spanish Painter, Photographer, Sculptor -  SINGULART
Elvira Carrasco | Purple dimension (2021) | Feria Art Madrid'22
Elvira Carrasco | Bull Terrier Gaga (2021) | Available for Sale | Artsy
Elvira Carrasco | Cocodrilo Color (2021) | Available for Sale | Artsy

Searching for Sayana-Ganz who is an expert on Japanese-carving, mostly her work are focused on putting household-plastics referred as jigsaw methods to create multiple animal-forms in a directive state of movement/self-awareness.

Ganz can manipulate/assemble these beautiful-models together, she is using a similar technique of brushstroke-scheme by Van-Gogh and a response to three-dimensional in her latest-exhibition called “Reclaimed-Creations”

  • Shaping energy/harmony from old-plastics objects
  • Acts like a message of hope
  • Raised under Japanese-Philosophy of Shinto, believe of reused-objects have spirit/soul
  • Gathers in previously-used/discard plastics, transfigures them into wonders of animal-forms

Critical-facts on Ganz’s motivation:

Reviewing her methods are like a puzzle, keeps in check of what pieces were properly assigned after Ganz originated her talents at kindergarten.

Sayana-Ganz’s weblinks:

3302 Contextual

3302 Contextual-Studies

Over summer I researched practitioners into their methods of large-scale, given me motivation to assemble my new ceramics-models and doodle technique to craft gigantic collection of mixed-media within Netsuke-figurines.

Niki De Saint Phalle’s methods into monumental-figures in her academic role as French-artist:

  • Not just a personal-hobby but emotional feeling of living into sanctuary
  • Wanted freedom from fear/abused childhood-particularly her father
  • Inflicted her life before adulthood, traumatized Niki used rough techniques of shooting paintball liquids on unused-objects,
La Prairie patrocina la mostra di Niki de Saint Phalle al MoMa PS1 di New  York - Amica
Niki de Saint Phalle | Skull (Meditation Room) | Artsy
Niki de Saint Phalle - Why Bill has to be killed - Parkstone Art

Taken advantage of her abused life, Niki enhanced her ceramics of overcoming challenges, finding art careers, channeling her past-nightmares and which I could investigate her influence on monumental-figures.

  • Learning about her traumatized-life, building structures never witness as children would explore/climbing over them
  • Crowned-figures published at Tuscany countryside/Capalbio Italy as sculptural-park
  • Absorbing her technique to craft my Netsuke-beasts from mixed-media resources including wood, plaster and doodle-patterning
Niki de Saint Phalle and the Art of Tarot | MoMA
Niki de Saint Phalle's Tarot Garden | The New Yorker
Tarot Garden-Large scale park, Tuscany countryside 1966:

Books: Niki de Saint Phalle and the Tarot Garden 730.944/SAI


Viewing on Auguste Forestier’s role in wooden-toys which I’d used his reflected craftsmanship of assembling skeletal figures:

  • My primary motive of doodle-ceramics were expanding my creations from small to big versions of Japanese-Netsukes
  • Niki’s influence within my critical-facts onto Japanese-cultural arts
  • Patterning on practical experiments in Pokemon-evolutions
Auguste Forestier created magical... - Outsider Art Fair | Facebook
Et Jean Dubuffet inventa l'Art Brut
Auguste Forestier - Artists - Outsider Art Fair

Improving onto cartoon-arts to the next stage, Keith-Haring is best in his professional role as a doodle-artist. Most of his artworks were goofy in his imaginations, my last year’s creations were adaptable within illustrations to his advantages/strengths.

  • Haring’s creations having a strange-relationship blended by humorist characteristics might affect split-personalities
  • Spread influence into public society but have begun to fulfill his potential in early development when he was a child-oldest of four siblings

Keith-Haring’s doodle-developments/weblink:

Is your Keith Haring art fake? Here's how to tell... - News Without Politics
Keith Haring - 1000 Pieces |Yorkshire Jigsaw Store
Keith Haring's only museum is now free and virtual - News - Digital Arts
  • Admired Niki De Saint Phalle’s development in large scale monuments and her creation of Tarot-Garden
  • Assembling wooden skeletal prototypes giving my lion and gorilla’s appearance through metal-wiring/plaster-arts for stronger texture of Modroc
  • Putting together like Auguste Forestier’s methods as toy-maker, experimenting Netsuke’s evolution of Pokemon via mixed-media arts.
  • Influenced by Keith-Haring’s doodle technique
  • I’m bringing my creations to life in three-dimensional state
  • Selective works in acrylic almost a graffiti form of goofy-development
  • Setting up a stage of illustration-background much different from Haring’s New-York Subway experience.

Reading on a staging method of putting up a visual-theater Petrit-Halilaj’s role of developing a storytelling-artwork:

  • His creation of “Very volcanic over this green feather”
  • Originated from his family but Halilaj’s village were caught in Serbian-Kosovar civil-war and evacuated

Tate St Ives Exhibition:

Petrit Halilaj: Very volcanic over this green feather - Announcements -  e-flux
In Conversation with Petrit Halilaj | Talks : TANK Magazine
Petrit Halilaj: 'I started to live with fear on a daily basis' | Art | The  Guardian
Wonders, and Horrors, Drawn From Boyhood in a War Zone - The New York Times
Jean Dubuffet - Wikipedia
Jean Dubuffet: Trace of an Adventure | Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Jean Dubuffet | Milord (1971) | Available for Sale | Artsy
Fondation Jean Dubuffet, official website, L'Accueillant, 9080

Searching into Jean Dubuffet who had a similar-connection when studying French-painting/sculpture due to idealistic form of directive aesthetics. Being embraced within so-called “low-art” might be traditional of adapting beauty in favor of more authentic and humanistic approach to image-making.

  • Well known into an art-movement called Art-Brut/Outsider-Art
  • Helps to maintain his role of academic-painting
  • Investigating oil-painting mixed with earth/handmade resources for French-doodle modeling