3301 Netsuke-Development

3301 Netsuke-Art

Studying onto my next project for year 3 to research with many sorts of cultural arts, which I’ve been looking at my primary source in Japanese meant to search their mysteries of spiritual and mythical arts like monsters which focuses on miniature sculptures called Netsuke.

Originated in a ancient-Japan over three hundred years, focused on their differences onto my own hybrid-appearances. Mainly to served both functional/aesthetic methods, fitted on Japanese-dresses because they wear traditional-clothes at summer festivals, funerals, weddings and graduations.

Original influence of Netsuke:

  • Originated in Ancient-Japan, three-hundred years
  • Meant on my interests into humorist-effects
  • Connected to Satoshi-Tajiri’s creation of Pokemon
  • Studied their evolutions due to Netsuke’s influence
  • Criticised Japanese’s mantle received by westerners-1854
  • Americans/Europeans discovered and started to gather-in netsuke
  • Served both functional/aesthetic methods when fitted on Japanese-clothing
  • Suspend their everyday-pockets amongst other items, replacing them with Obi-(sash)
  • Attached these Netsuke-figurines to festive-clothes at the opening/closing of sagemono

Information on Netsuke:

International Netsuke Society - FAQ
Collecting Guide: 5 things to know about Netsuke | Christie's
netsuke | British Museum

Methods used to portray the Netsuke in Japanese influence:

  • Naturally-found objects
  • Plants
  • Legends/Legendary heroes
  • Myths/Mystical beasts
  • Gods/Religious
  • Symbols
  • Daily activities
  • Myriad
  • Design vocabulary
  • Encompassing
  • Zodiacal animals

Motives in Netsuke-craftmanship:

Netsuke were among the beauty of Japanese-carvings decorated with different forms of elaborate-shaping, lacquer-work or rare/exotic materials.

  • Believed to be ancient-talismans, highly coveted/collective statures
  • Disappeared over their era’s of 19th/20th centuries
  • Directive-approach of Fine-Art affects in master-carvers for Japanese wood-crafting
  • Affected by industry both Japan and abroad stimulated in their productions
  • Low-artistic valves into mass-produced modeling of the creation of Netsuke regardless of age/origins

Resources used to carve into Japanese figures of Netsuke:

  • Ivory
  • Wood
  • Cherry wood
  • Bamboo
  • Amber
  • Stag antler
  • Pottery
  • Coral
  • Metal
  • Compacted of three-dimensional figures in three-inches high
  • Carved into hollow-bowl like modelling
  • Formally to shape into multiple items like Katabori, Anabori, Manju, Ryusa, Kagamibuta, Obi-hasami Sashi, Mask and Trick
  • Normally-animals are made illegal

Series of organized a collection of Netsuke around the globe, most of them are been exhibiting from multiple museums:

  • Los-Angeles, County-Museum of Art (LACMA)
  • Museum of Fine-Arts in Boston
  • National-Art Museum in Tokyo
  • British-Museum
  • Victoria and Albert-Museums, London
  • Excelling within LACMA-museum
  • United-States amounted 150 objects from the Raymond/Frances Bushell exhibition
  • Total of 600 Netsukes-collection
  • Louvre-Museum, Paris

Reveals many ways of netsuke might be a connection of viewing personalities within different hybrids. Telling their original-stories of monsters fitted into pockets and were now mentioned in present-period of Pokemon.

  • Combined with different-possibilities onto cross-species’s DNA
  • Childhood-imagination adapted in Pokemon-evolutions
  • Helps to reflect last-year’s “Doodle-hybrids” given me inspiration into Japanese-creatures
  • Children’s response to imaginative-animals.

Key methods of DNA samples taken from Pokemon stages:

Evolution from Froakie/Frogadier to Greninja:

Hopes Dim for Renewable Power From Ocean Waves and Tides - Bloomberg
ArtStation - Ninja/japanese Culture, Saran Kulab

Treecko to Grovyle and Sceptile to evolve/mega-evolve:

Why are Treecko, Grovyle and Sceptile pure Grass types? - Quora
Forest Computer Wallpapers - Top Free Forest Computer Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess
Morbid Fantasy — Nature Dragon by Antonio J. Manzanedo (ajmanzanedo...

Chamander to Charmeleon and Charizard to evolve/mega-evolve and gigantamax taken to new heights:

Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee - How to evolve every Pokémon
GAME's Mega Charizard event starts tomorrow. | Mega evolution, Pokemon,  Charizard
Gigantamax Charizard Art from Pokémon Sword and Shield #art #artwork  #gaming #videogames #gamer #gameart #conceptart #illustr… | Charizard art,  Pokemon art, Pokemon
99 Problems But A Dragon Ain't One | thezombieroom

By p2534372

I have always been interested in various forms of art, even from a young age. I developed my interest early on through sculpting with Blu Tack when I was eleven years old and would model figurines from films and TV programs. I had a specific interest in modelling the army of soldiers from the Lord of the Rings using Blu Tack and toothpicks for the armory and weapons. And from the film Avatar, creating Na'vi people using toothpick to create the texture and ripple effect bodies and tones.

It was in my second year at college when I decided to switch from IT & Media to Art & Design, leaving South Leicestershire College to start the B-Tech Enhanced Diploma at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College. I was granted to enter at Level 2 and worked hard to achieve two distinctions in my first year. The switch was the best decision I had made that year and it set my focus to select Fine Art at university. The only university I selected and wanted to study at was DMU, a dream come true!

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