Professional Research Visual exhibition/artstep

Online Exhibition/Artstep 2021

Doing an visual exhibition on artstep is about putting up my very own studio in technical development, as it’s almost like I am building a maze before I can explore its wide camera screen for when I click on a path to automatically move. After signing my profile onto artstep to make preparations of studio walls in different marked areas, to practice on my corridors and walls to place stands for my hybrid models.

To begin my visual exhibition on artstep, I must measure on how my studio walls can stand up whilst building different rooms or gallery sections as if I’m walking in a labyrinth of digital art-show and what I could memorize my path when sharing my finished models to my friends.

While putting up my gallery walls I need to place my sculpture stands on my chosen areas, because this allows my hybrid models to stand out like they are in a 3D/4D appearance just to set up their open spaces in each section to position my crafted models on 5 or 6 stands and to adjust on how my stands should act on my marked space.

By adjusting on how my showcased props can be neatly positioned, were to carefully move my stands in the center/corner of each gallery room which I can rotate to see the shadow tone shown on the floor and making them a bit big like medium scale next to their expanded boards where my models are placed upon.

Continuing to position my stands in each of the gallery’s sections, are what I should put my favorite hybrid models in place only to shape their scales depends on what my projects in foam will help to express the emotions of laughter to had an affect to my cartoon animals and what their reaction could be meant on zaniness from comedy influence.

When sorting out my last improvements to my visual gallery walls, followed by artifact stands to expand their scale of medium, positioned in rooms center/corners and boards to set my models on stage just to build my designs in physical development and upload them to my artstep’s software for my foam exhibition.

Even if I had trouble to upload my models as 3D objects, which I engaged on putting my designs on the exhibition walls where my starting position is at my Spyzilla and to continue with my 5 remaining models in different rooms of my gallery just so they don’t overlap the walls.

Here is my finished gallery called doodle hybrids, because it allows my imaginations to roam wild when I was fusing with unused items like a person stops using them. It enables me of transfuse with something old into monstrous development, as if I’ve been absorbing the influence of Frankenstein for my experimentation in foam, modroc and doodle painting only to make them stand out at my work-desk at home despite tight corners and to rotate my models in the physical world instead of digital setbacks on Artsteps.

Doodle Hybrid gallery tour: