Studio Review

Studio practice

In my term 2 journey of crafting my next project in sculpture, I continued to experiment on plastics because my audience really likes my early models-shoes and telephones in term 1 and thinks I’am in the zone of building something new but added with devastated outcome into monstrous imaginations.

  • My primary art genre in Comedy/humorist
  • Original hybrids in Greek Mythology
  • Worked in recent theme of Classical Styles
  • Meant to transfuse both unused item and mixed humanoids

Focusing my recent themes from North Warwickshire-previous college, to begin sketching up various ideas into animal/monster textures from fantasy, folklore tales, mythology and Sci-fi which they originally inspired me to come up with all kinds of hybrid ideas to go practical with reused-foam material.

Here is my evidence of practical drawings throughout the first half in term 2, I was really fond of animals from their favorite habitats and certain films like monster-verse. Which I’d used photograph-memory to absorb their textures, appearances and patterns whilst expanding my blueprints on the workbench-wall and criticise my selected ideas to build up to six figures used into my primary objective of mixing and matching with hybrid parts like being Frankenstein into reality.

After producing my hybrid ideas, I need to manipulate the next set of recycled objects like finding an old bag. Then to work onto thanator’s front/back legs merged to my own foam bag via glue gun after trimming with foam-sander and adapting my doodle painting my animal patterns.

Primary method of cartoon manipulation:

  • Shared by the connection of Spyro the dragon characteristics
  • Examining on wings, scales and skin patterns
  • Meant to practical paintings with cartoon influence
  • Examined my favorite monster-Godzilla in Japanese legends
  • Mainly fond into Egyptian, Greek and Aztec

Helps to describe my chosen resource of foam to combine into doodle experimentation, meant on what characteristics can shape my model into a hybrid carrier when holding its handle, maintaining my cartoon lines to stand out not to look too messy and express’s funny emotions. Next is sticking my humanoid-dragon parts together, because I was really adaptable with my doodle personalities for Godzilla’s spikes and Spyro’s textures to absorb in my practical experimentation depends on how huge my model would look like.

This time I crafted a cereal box from my continuation of foam, then bend with metal wires into deer antlers which can be tricky to move its hard surface and my arms muscle begins to get bolder like doing the lift weighting. At first my Aunbikirin seems to reflect from a Japanese beast in ifs ancient culture in a samurai film-47 Ronin.

Next up is my sphinx figure which I had combine it with Na’vi DNA from its sci-fi influence on Avatar, followed by carving an Egyptian crown of the pharaoh and place it on the head part. Almost if my own hybrid is worshipped as a god and could had affect my technique of mummification my remaining models in modroc alongside keeping the colours very wacky.

 Recorded talk and handmade-work:

This is my recording of my progress of foam carving with my humanoid blueprints followed by practical development in doodle carving and painting: