3302 Artist Talk

3302 Kasia Redzisz talk

Attending Kasia Redzisz’s meeting who is a very interesting curator, museum director/polish artist, graduated in art history-MoMA 2007 in Poland, in both Tate modern and Liverpool. Cross-paths in Romania because Redzisz mentioned to have chosen Lala’s motivation of describing beliefs in artwork techniques and creating an exhibition called “How to be Together” theme.

  • Bind themselves into relationships between artists/nature
  • Sense of drawing to a point of criticism via public-influence

This gallery space reveals many forms in historical-arts been used by biannual methods within exhibitions, influenced our theories of contemporary artworks.

  • Mentioned by young Polish artist in Garden-Point
  • Walking distance of divided sections of their exhibitions/ museums
  • Redzisz’s purposeful of researching in contemporary methods in natural or mechanisms/substances
  • Used to advance inner connections mostly in sculptural talents like bonding with mix-media
  • Balancing installations and evolves beyond their backgrounds both Sci-fi/humanist-creatures
  • Contemporary-arts used by French artists
  • Reactions to food production from mechanisms which leads to uneasy consequences
  • Related in childhood memories like land-arts
  • Meant on geographically influence via Susanne-Huskey French-American arts
  • Very interested in social realism
  • Originated in Eat Exhibition/Czech Republic
  • Tokyo modernism affects perfect sync into manipulation materials
  • Tells of Redzisz’s facts about why she’d left Albania, Kosovo to study in England for Goldsmiths University in London
  • 30 years were not only determined forms by humans, but also by animals arts in our presence
  • Reflects apocalyptic totems traditionally to protect from evil spirits
  • Underprivileged conditions yet face to face of these theories by Pullela
  • Two humanoid statures carved in rock/coal by Malgorzata M. Garces and Roma
  • Constructive resources of recycle, wood and metal structures within galleries
  • Community they once called “Young-Girl”
  • These two statures used to symbolize the defense of shutting down the mines

Another take into sculptural ways of gallery-spaces, used as a playground of fabric arts by Devin Robinson, London artist who adapted in different approaches via colour-scheme experiences meant on black-arts presence in nature/legacies of colonialism.

  • Originally to collect soil/earth from various areas of neighborhoods
  • Shape into ideal-vision of a Utopian influence via nature
  • Could be traceable of chemical reactions used by primary metal-resources
  • Abstract Expressionism to be a clarify from American influences

Last section are these pink figures which were sharing a local monologue from a region of Bulgaria, which is a directive race of affecting few artists with their own personalities. Self-taught to women about certain objects used for primary resources of health expressions and could lead into awareness if fictional interviewing both journalist/founder of these challenges of feminist beliefs from Redzisz’s inspirations.