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Finding out animals being in our presence was mainly found in zoos or even in wildlife, but for others were used in art reveals a dark-secret of Taxidermy, it’s a cruel method of poachers to hunt endangered animals for sport. After being captured or killed they are manufactured as stuffed models like living-trophies, been mounted on walls, displaying plinths in galleries and private museums.

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By searching for the truth of these figures used as prized artworks, normally it could be a negative influence of used from taxidermist techniques via skinning, carving and manipulated their own pattern materials. At my investigation of building my own creations as a positive motivation when shaping with plaster, also for mix media painting into doodle development.

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Searching for answers about this cruel method in animal skin patterning, was digging deep into origins of mummifying the deceased as the very source of Egyptian influence. Almost like my identical technique of shaping into assembling my wooden skeletal figures and wrapping in plaster arts, very first taxidermists were making these samples of dead figures as well of living replicas. It all started in Egyptian era of 2200 BC, were to develop these early preservation from injections, spices, oils and many sorts of resources. This lead me to dig in their roots of these old models buried in ancient tombs, such purpose of creating their existence through art even in death as a similar form of shaping a balance of life.

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Over time in Victorian times, taxidermy became a popular form of sculptural development for British Taxidermists as do most European scientists would examine them otherwise like never seem to give feedback to audience were only to view in private events. But these studies are very strict by the law which includes illegal killing of certain or exotic animals, often to being mislead by negative doubts when threating wildlife as if also meant on mounting them as trophies. Shown by their true motive of crafting them not just for sculpturing but also a quality of extending their artistic ability of modern materials used by fashionable means to showcasing them in public events or mounted in galleries.

At my theory to clarify this evidence of animal reproduction through Taxidermy, are only to adapt with their original purpose of manipulating inner bodies used by mixed media arts and of course molded by plaster resources to reach bigger heights during my term 2 planning of Elemental-Beasts phase 2.

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I have always been interested in various forms of art, even from a young age. I developed my interest early on through sculpting with Blu Tack when I was eleven years old and would model figurines from films and TV programs. I had a specific interest in modelling the army of soldiers from the Lord of the Rings using Blu Tack and toothpicks for the armory and weapons. And from the film Avatar, creating Na'vi people using toothpick to create the texture and ripple effect bodies and tones.

It was in my second year at college when I decided to switch from IT & Media to Art & Design, leaving South Leicestershire College to start the B-Tech Enhanced Diploma at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College. I was granted to enter at Level 2 and worked hard to achieve two distinctions in my first year. The switch was the best decision I had made that year and it set my focus to select Fine Art at university. The only university I selected and wanted to study at was DMU, a dream come true!

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